Sliding Windows


  • Accorr 5000 is the new ingenious sliding system of the Company for minimal sliding frames, which maximize natural light. Its unique design is completely in line with the latest architectural trends and the requirements for especially high performances.
  • Basic depth of sash 32mm
  • Weight per sash up to 120 kg
  • Range of Topologies available in this system
  • Max Glass thickness up to 28mm
  • Special interlocking profile with integrated handle for functionality and significant wind load resistance
  • Minimum visible interlock width of only 50mm so as to maximize visibility and natural lighting
  • 2/3 track frames

Non - Insulated Sliding System

Technical Characteristics

  • Frame width - 100.5mm
  • Minimum visible height of construction - 83.2mm
  • Bottom frame height - 50mm
  • Maximum Height Allowance - 3.5mtr
  • Glazing - up to 28mm
  • Glazing Method - EPDM gaskets
  • Sash Width - 36mm
  • Sash Height - 50mm
  • Sash mechanism weight limit - 200kg
  • Interlocking profile - 50mm
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