Openable Doors & Windows


  • ACCORR 40 is a Non-insulated system for inward and outward opening window and doors. Tilt&Turn system for areas with warmer climate, ensuring high-quality constructions and application of various typologies with considerable thermal performance. It is ideal for renovations, combining safety andfunctionality, without requiring high investment costs.
  • Options for single/double shutter and openable fix openable and Door series
  • Options for single double glass
  • Two point locking available complete air and water tightness
  • EPDM gaskets for longer life of gaskets
  • Profiles compatible for Euro groove hardware
  • Hair line corner joints possible with the help of spring loaded corner cleat
  • Easy to assemble thus achieving higher production and cost effective
  • Possibility of double shutter window and door with flying mullion for 100% opening
  • Proper concealed tower bolt for two point locking for flying mullion shutter
  • Possibility to fit mortise lock with cylinder and spring loaded handle for doors

Non - Insulated Door & Window System

Technical Characteristics

  • Frame width 40mm
  • Maximum Width of Shutter 1 meter
  • Glazing method EPDM Gasket
  • Frame Height 39mm
  • Maximum Height of Shutter 2.4 meter
  • Shutter Width 40mm
  • Minimum Glass of thickness 5mm
  • Shutter Height 54mm
  • Maximum Glass of thickness 20mm

Opening Elements

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